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Fold Saws
Our harpoons are made as a set with a Norsaq (throwing stick). We carve our harpoon shafts we do not turn them on a lathe. As a result they are not perfect, but they are made with care to preserve function. Each harpoon shaft is cut and carved from Basswood (other materials available by request). The shaft of our standard harpoons tapers from a 2" to 1" diameter. Standard harpoons are around 5'6"long. Length varies based on material density and style. When ordering specify the balance point desired. A harpoon with the throwing stick centered to balance the harpoon will result in a "line drive" throwing trajectory. A throwing stick mounted with the harpoon nose heavy will result in a "mortar" trajectory.

Harpoon Knob All Parts on the shaft are made from a plastic that is very hard and strong. These parts are sanded to give a bone like appearance. The knob on the back end of the harpoon.
(pictured - The knob on the back end of the harpoon.)
Harpoon PegMountung pegs for the Norsaq
Harpoon ShaftThe mounting for the fore shaft.
Harpoon ShaftChose from 4 available fore shaft shapes copied from locations around Greenland.
(from left to right by location name) Qornaq, Godthaab, Sukkertoppen, Egedesminde.

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